“MESS TO A MESSAGE” debut album “Country CHRISTIAN Outlaw Blues” has a little something for everyone!! A concept album that tells the story of Life, Love, Loss and redemption through the POWER of JESUS CHRIST!!

“Country CHRISTIAN Outlaw Blues” is a perfect mixture  of Country, Southern Rock, Bluegrass, Blues and Hip-Hop. It also includes 2 bonus tracks that let the listener know just where we’ve been and how far we’ve come!!

“Country CHRISTIAN Outlaw Blues” is JESUS MUSIC for the Outlaw, the Cowboy, the Biker, the Alcoholic (looking for the way out), and….the women that love them!!! Because TUFF GUYS NEED JESUS TOO!!

Please, order your copy today and see what the LORD has done for this band if MISFITS!! Browse our merchandise and order now to help us spread the MESSAGE. 100% of proceeds go to help fund the “MESS TO A MESSAGE” ministry, and to help others turn their “MESS TO A MESSAGE”.